Weather Disasters - Terrorist Attacks - War - Societal Breakdown - Medical - Civil Unrest - and More??!

When disaster strikes, will your family be caught in the chaos or will you be able to survive??

Its time to be AWARE and PREPARE!!

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Some people in the past have snickered
at those who were interviewed on TV and shown to be stockpiling supplies for the “end of the world” scenarios.  But what they didn’t realize is that those storage supplies weren’t for some fictional alien invasion like Hollywood shows –  but for real life disasters that are unfolding on TV on a regular basis.
…like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy…or 9/11!!

Many people are just now becoming aware of the benefits to survival preparation.  It’s a mainstream concept now, but you’ll still be in the minority – and have many predators to worry about once you’re fully ready for whatever may come.
In my new book, "Surviving Disasters", you’ll find out just how vulnerable your family is
It’s not about shaming you into stocking up.
The key is to assess your survival potential, learn what gaps in knowledge you have
when it comes to preparations, and fix it while there’s still time!
You’ll get informed of all the basics, including:

 Ordinary Emergencies Versus Disaster  Situations
 The Top 3 Areas Where Most People Lack  Preparedness
 The Importance of a BOB and What to Put in it
 Why You Need a Meet-Up Plan when you Bug-Out
 The Danger of Ignoring Long-Term Supply  Preparations
 Preparing Bug Out Bags for Each Member of  Your Family
 Have Your Meet-Up Plan Ready and Duties Assigned
 Strategizing a Long-Term Survival Plan
 Navigating Your City if Roads Have Been Shut down
 Avoiding the Top 3 Survival Supply Issues 
 Stock Up Without significantly Increasing Your Budget
 Important Rules to Remember for Survival
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Additional Training Articles and Videos
 that cover vital Subjects like:
- Self Defense -
- Hand Gun Laws and Requirements -
- Home Security -
- The Best Knives and Defense Weapons -
- Self Protection for Senior Citizens -
- Self Defense and Your Children -
- Stealth Tactical Defense Equipment -
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"Your Survival Water Storage"
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An easy to follow instructional guide about how to
build a Water Filter
and Store your Survival Water supplies.

Once you implement a basic plan for your survival, 
you can ramp it up to the next level and provide for 
your family’s long-term needs and even their enjoyment over time!

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Walter Nigh  

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You never know when disaster is lurking right around the corner.
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